profileImage150x150.jpgBrandon McMillan - Professional Angler
Hometown - Clewiston FL

As a South Florida Native, I grew up on the banks of Lake Okeechobee. Fishing is a long-standing tradition in my family that dates back many generations. The McMillan name is well known in the fishing community. My father Jimmy McMillan, was a fishing legend. Among his most cherished accomplishments were his 2009 FLW Tour Championship win and the 2009 Land O' Lakes Angler of the Year. After the tragic loss of my father, I am more determined than ever to pursue my professional fishing career. At 32 years old, I feel I have the knowledge and experience of anglers twice my age. My professionalism, attitude and hard-work ethics will make me an excellent representative for your company.



 Event Finish Date Tour
FLW Everstart - Lake Seminole  1  05/24/12 FLW Southeast Everstart
FLW Tour - Lake Okeechobee  5  02/12/12 FLW TOUR MAJOR
FLW Everstart - Lake Okeechobee  9  01/21/12 FLW Southeast Everstart
FLW Everstart - Lake Guntersville  8  02/26/11 FLW Southeast Everstart
FLW Tour Open - Lake Okeechobee  1  02/06/11 FLW Tour Open
FLW Everstart - Lake Okeechobee  2  01/08/11 FLW Southeast Everstart
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